Invested in our community’s health.


Like so many of our neighbors, we love our community. We’re committed to contributing to its prosperity and health. That's why hundreds of Samaritan employees act as volunteers, non-profit board members, church and community leaders. It's also why we support other non-profit organizations through our annual Social Accountability grants. And it's why we provide free community health programs and charity care for thousands of low-income patients.

All of these things are part of our Community Benefit program, which encompasses our efforts to build healthier communities through volunteerism, direct and in-kind support of community health programs, and opportunities for those who could not otherwise afford medical care. 

Each year, we create a Community Benefit Plan, which details a comprehensive strategy for building the health of our community through a variety of programs services.The plan includes important information about the current health status of our region and establishes six major goals for improving community health.

Read the 2015 Community Health Impact Report

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