Champions of Care

One patient's story 

Ken Combs of Yachats underwent abdominal surgery, performed by Fred Schneider, MD, at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital earlier this year. While the surgery itself went extremely well, Combs’ reaction to the post-operative morphine is another story.

“My body simply couldn’t handle the morphine,” he said. “So the result was that I was very, very sick for three days after the surgery.”

Medical staff were able to switch Combs to an alternative pain reliever, but it was necessary to keep him in the hospital for a week as his body regained strength.

“One never knows what to expect from a hospital-based recovery period,” Combs said, “and it’s easy to expect a less-than-satisfactory recovery stay. However, the staff worked through my complications with personal and professional skill, showing genuine concern for my discomfort, cheering me up through it all, being helpful, pleasant and friendly. In short, they were terrific. I came away from my stay at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital with a new appreciation for the role the hospital and its wonderful staff play.”

And speaking of playing, after his recovery Combs was able to get back to what he loves best: playing violin in the Newport Symphony.

To recognize Schneider and the team who cared for him during his recovery, Combs made a financial gift through Samaritan Champions of Care.

Honor an outstanding provider who has cared for you!

The Champions of Care program at Samaritan Health Services is an opportunity for you to make a special gift to support patient care at your local hospital, and honor a champion caregiver who has made a difference for you.

Do you know a Champion of Care?
As a non-profit health care system, our core mission is to provide outstanding care to all patients. We hope that you or your loved one has had a remarkable experience, and that our employees have gone “above and beyond” in their efforts to care for you. If you have received compassionate care from someone – a doctor, a nurse, an assistant, a housekeeper or anyone else – we invite you to recognize them by making a gift to the hospital foundation. You can even choose to recognize an entire department if you wish!

The size of your donation does not matter. Only that you took the time to say thank you!

Your gift
You can choose to designate your tax-deductible gift to be used “where the need is greatest” or you may wish to designate it for a specific program or project. Regardless of how you designate your gift, it will be used to ensure that your local hospital continues to provide excellent care to every patient who comes through our doors.

When we receive your gift, we will personally notify your Champion(s) of Care, without mentioning the amount, and also deliver any personal message that you’d like to give them. Receiving a “Champions of Care” recognition and hearing “thank you” from patients and family members like you is one of the highest honors that an employee at our hospital can receive. They truly appreciate knowing that they made a difference in your care. So take the time to recognize a Champion of Care today!

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