SamFit - Fitness Gym Special

SamFit - Fitness Gym Special, just for Samaritan Advantage members !

SamFit and Samaritan Health Plans are partnering to give you a health improvement experience unlike any other. SamFit is the first gym of its kind to truly put your health first. We believe that fitness is only one of the many factors that contribute to your overall health improvement. And SamFit will help you improve each aspect of your health—physical fitness, nutrition and beyond.

All Samaritan Advantage Health Plan members are eligible for a discounted SamFit membership at $30/month.

As a SamFit member you will experience:
  • 24/7/365 access to fitness and wellness facilities
  • No enrollment or cancellation fees*
  • No annual contract
  • Easy access to a team of fitness and wellness professionals
  • 15% off personal training, health coaching and wellness packages
  • $20/month to add a second member**
  • $15/month for each additional member thereafter**

*There is a one-time keycard fee of $10 per member
**All members under one account must live within the same household and be at least 15 years of age.

To receive this exclusive pricing offer, just present your insurance plan identification card to the SamFit staff when signing up. For more information, contact a SamFit facility today or visit

777 NW Ninth Street
Suite 310
Phone: 541-768-5850 
35 Mullins Drive
Suite 3
Albany (Coming Jan. 1, 2014)
Currently operating as the
Albany Athletic Club
380 NW Hickory Ave


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