Samaritan Cancer Program

Samaritan Cancer Program

Welcome to the Samaritan Cancer Program
A diagnosis of cancer impacts more than your body; it affects your emotions and spirit as well. Going online may be a first step in making care decisions for yourself or someone you love. You want solid information, and you want assurance that you'll get the very best care possible.

That's what we want, too — to give you information you can understand and to provide you with the most competent, compassionate care available. We'll be with you every step of the way, from diagnostic testing, through treatment, and to rehabilitation, support and education.

Locations and services
Samaritan Cancer Program's comprehensive care includes:

We provide comprehensive cancer care throughout Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, Lincoln City, Newport and surrounding communities in Oregon.

Please know that you’re welcome to call or visit us if you want to know more. We consider it a privilege to serve you.  


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