Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice and Palliative Care

At Samaritan Health Services, we strive to provide the most essential services. At times, those services may be life prolonging palliative, comfort care or end-of-life comfort care  hospice.

Our hospitals in Albany, Corvallis and Newport have comprehensive palliative care programs, and there are three hospice offices: Albany, Lincoln City and Newport serving the mid-Willamette Valley and the central coast.

Both branches of service focus on patient comfort as well as support services for the patient and family, whether it be spiritual support, respite care or support groups. Often when the need for palliative care or hospice arises, the patient's family find themselves in a vulnerable state and need assistance as well. 

"We are truly grateful for your support, especially that last day. You patiently answered all of our questions and you told us what to expect." 

                                                            — Family of hospice patient

Our new hospice house is open! Learn more here.

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