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Speech Therapy

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But don't let the title fool you. Our speech and language pathologists (speech therapists) specialize in the evaluation and treatment of patients who experience difficulty with swallowing, memory and attention issues in addition to disorders related to speech, language and voice.

How we can help!

Our speech therapists offer a wide-range of services through the Samaritan Physical Rehabilitation Program, including:
  • Swallowing therapy including VitalStim and Modified Barium Swallowing Studies
  • Cognitive therapy including attention process therapy and assistive devices
  • Voice therapy including Visipitch and VocaLog
  • Lee Silverman Voice Therapy for hypophonic voice in Parkinson's disease
  • Aphasia evaluation and treatment
  • Dysarthria evaluation and treatment
  • Assistive communication device evaluation and training
  • Vocal cord dysfunction evaluation and treatment

Ask your doctor or contact us at one of the locations listed below for more information.

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