VNUS closure procedure

VNUS closure procedure

Don't suffer from painful varicose veins any longer. Samaritan Heart & Vascular Institute offers a minimally invasive solution for painful, unsightly varicose veins.

The VNUS closure procedure is quick and offered right in the doctor’s office. Patients who undergo this simple outpatient treatment can walk away with little or no pain and return to normal activities typically within one day.

VNUS closure is a clinically proven alternative to painful vein stripping—the traditional method for treatment of varicose veins. Health insurance plans may cover this procedure.

Board-certified surgeons Toshio Nagamoto, MD, Dana Penner, MD, and Mark Taylor, MD, perform the VNUS closure procedure.

For more information, call Drs. Nagamoto and Penner at (541) 768-5930 or Dr. Taylor's office at (541) 768-5223.