Current Priority Projects

Samaritan Comprehensive Cancer Center Campaign builds momentum

The planning for a large-scale campaign to create a center for all cancer services on the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center campus is now officially underway, with architects hard at work on facility plans.

Due to a lack of space, the Samaritan Cancer Program’s services are currently provided in four different locations around the hospital campus. This creates a significant challenge for patients. It is also very challenging for staff as they work to coordinate care — not an easy task with so many different offices spread so far apart.

The current space challenge for cancer services is only going to grow. Samaritan anticipates a 30-percent increase in cancer patient volumes by 2017. In addition, services such as radiation therapy require technology that takes up a significant amount of physical space — the Samaritan Cancer Program’s cutting-edge 3-D tumor imaging system, for example.

“What our community needs very urgently is a true cancer center,” said Peter Kenyon, MD, former medical director of Samaritan Hematology & Oncology Consultants.

“We need one place that is designed from the ground up for cancer patients and their families. A building that contains all of our technology, all of our medical staff, and all of our services. Our community deserves something that can truly be called a comprehensive cancer center.”

To help meet this growing challenge head on, Samaritan is planning to construct a new 24,000-square foot building directly next to the radiation oncology building off of Elks Drive on the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center campus. Together, the two buildings will become the Samaritan Cancer Center and will house all cancer services including medical oncology, radiation therapy, an expanded infusion center providing chemotherapy, a cancer resource center, and dietitian and social work services.

The new center will also feature a dedicated parking lot and large waiting areas. In short, the new facility will be exactly what our region has needed for some time: a true cancer center designed specifically for cancer patients and their loved ones. A center of hope, healing and medical excellence.

Construction of the new cancer center, one of the most important and critical health care projects that will take place in our region this decade, will cost approximately $12 million. To make the expansion possible under our current challenging economic circumstances, the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation is working to raise the project costs. Generous donor support will be vital to the success of the expansion project.

Thank you to all donors who have chosen to support this project already!

Mario Pastega House offers resource for patients and families

The Mario Pastega House on the Good Sam campus is a comfortable “home away from home” for out-of-area patients and families traveling to Corvallis for specialized medical care. The house opened in the summer of 2004 after the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation completed a successful fund drive to build the facility and establish an endowment to help support its ongoing operation.

To ensure no one is turned away for inability to pay, the Mario Pastega House offers an “Adopt-A-Day” program. For a gift of $517, the cost of operating the house for one full day, you can adopt a day at the house to be named in your honor or in honor/memory of a loved one.

Your generous donation will be recognized in the following ways:   

  • Name listed in the Mario Pastega House online calendar
  • Name recognition on TV monitor at Mario Pastega House entry for the entire day(s) adopted
  • Award certificate listing individual name(s) to be honored and the date(s) reserved (makes a terrific birthday gift)
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are helping an average of 12 people for each day adopted find peace, comfort and relief from stress during one of life’s most difficult periods.  

You can adopt your day(s) by contacting the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation at 541-768-6129.

Download the Mario Pastega House "Adopt-A-Day" calendar.