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Meet a difference maker: Lee Freed

Long-time Lincoln City community leader Lee Freed, owner of the Freed Gallery, has always loved art and education. She has a passion for bringing the two together, which is why she founded “Let There be Arts” more than a decade ago. The program brings art and music into Lincoln City schools and helps students develop an appreciation for different art forms.

“We’ve been very successful in bringing things to kids that they would not normally get exposed to,” Freed said. “That’s what drives me. I want the kids in our community to get good education opportunities. Just because we’re a small coastal down doesn’t mean our students should be left out.”

It was this passion that got Freed interested in the North Lincoln Hospital Foundation’s campaign to build a permanent home for the Samaritan Early Learning Center.

“These kids are going to enter our public school system with their best foot forward,” Freed said. “And they’re going to impact the other students around them. The Samaritan Early Learning Center is going to make a big difference in our local education system.”

In addition to personally donating to the campaign, Freed also found some highly creative ways to help. She worked with a local muralist, Krista Eddy, to paint gorgeous themed murals in each room of the SELC (Freed admits that her favorite room is the one she picked the theme for: butterflies). Freed also hosted a piano concert at her gallery, with the proceeds benefiting the campaign.

“The group of people who came together to make this project happen are phenomenal,” she said. “I am proud to play a role in the project, because healthy kids are going to mean a healthier town.”