Funding opportunities for students and researchers

Dr. Larry Mullins Endowed Scholarship for Health Care Education

The Larry A. Mullins, DHA, Scholarship was established in 2003 by the board of directors of Samaritan Health Services, Corvallis, Oregon. It was formed in honor of Dr. Mullins, the President/CEO of Samaritan Health Services, upon the completion of his doctoral degree in health care administration (DHA) from the Medical University of South Carolina. The scholarship fund is housed with the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation, Corvallis, Oregon. Dr. Mullins chairs the selection committee for the scholarship. At least one scholarship of $1,000 is awarded annually from the fund.

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John C. Erkkila, MD, Endowment for Health and Human Performance  

Your organization or department is invited to submit funding proposals for the John C. Erkkila, MD, Endowment for Health and Human Performance. The fund is based with the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation in Corvallis, Oregon, and total assets of the fund currently exceed $1.5 million. Individual grants of up to $20,000 are awarded annually.


The John C. Erkkila, MD, Endowment for Health and Human Performance was established in November 1994 through funds donated to the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation by Mr. Ralph Hull of Monroe in honor of his long-time physician John C. Erkkila, MD. The endowment stipulates that 90 percent of the interest earnings be distributed each year, with the remaining 10 percent added to endowment principal. The purpose of the fund is to support programs/projects which enhance human function and performance through clinical research, rehabilitation, and/or prevention.

Funding Guidelines

Funding decisions are made on an annual basis by a committee chaired by John C. Erkkila, MD. In order to be considered for funding, proposals must meet the following guidelines:

  • Be submitted by a health care provider or institution of higher education in Good Samaritan Hospital’s service area (Benton, Linn or Lincoln counties)
  • Focus on enhancement of human function and performance. Demonstrate the potential to benefit a broad cross-section of the community
  • Involve clinical research, rehabilitation, and/or prevention (as it relates to enhancing human performance/function)
  • Receive approval by proposer’s Institutional Review Board (if applicable) prior to consideration for an Erkkila grant (approximately 30 days after application deadline)

This applies to projects which involve the use of medical equipment, current or past patients, and/or medical records. Funds for travel to accomplish the goals of the program/project may be included in these requests. Funds are not provided for travel to conferences and meetings. Requests may include funds for supplies, equipment, and salaries. Funding requests should not exceed $20,000, including estimated overhead (which is limited to 15 percent).

Grant recipients will be expected to submit a progress report to the selection committee every six months and a final report within six months of the grant’s conclusion.

Evaluation Criteria

Each proposal will be evaluated on the following criteria (not listed in order of importance):

  • Clearly-documented need for program/service
  • Measurable outcomes/results
  • Local relevance
  • Feasibility in relation to time and budget proposal
  • Matching funds or the potential of further financial support


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Jeanne Hazleton Scholarship For Midwifery and Doula Education

The Jeanne Hazleton Scholarship Fund was established in 2008 by Patrick Hazleton, husband of the late Jeanne Hazleton and funded by numerous contributions made by family and friends. The purpose of the Jeanne Hazleton Scholarship Fund is to honor Jeanne’s lifetime service and contribution to the community as a practicing Doula and Midwife and to encourage women to enter or continue their education in the birthing field.

The scholarship program is coordinated by the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation and is designed to help female residents of Benton, Linn and Lincoln counties begin or continue their education for Doula and/or Midwife training, certification or licensing.

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