Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission

We enhance community health and achieve high value through quality services across a continuum of care.

Our vision

Samaritan Health Services is a values-driven, church-related organization governed by community members, physicians and other health care providers. We seek to be the first choice of consumers in the region and to lead collaborative efforts among those who share similar goals.

Rooted in our values

Recognizing that their mission, vision and values were similar, the community-based hospitals and physicians that formed Samaritan Health Services believed it was possible to create a successful regional health system based on those values. Decisions continue to be made by local community members, physicians and hospital leaders within the framework of these organizational values:

Excellence: Striving to achieve the highest standards of care and within our varied health professions

Respect: For ourselves, our co-workers and those we serve

Service: Recognizing the value of exemplary service in creating a positive experience for patients, visitors and co-workers

Integrity: Aligning our words with our deeds

Stewardship: Ensuring that we act responsibly with the resources that have been entrusted to our care

Compassion: Demonstrating on a daily basis the healing power of the human touch

Leadership: Modeling and sharing best practices in the midst of tremendous change in how health care is delivered and paid for