Friendship Group

Friendship Group

Does your child have difficulty with any of the following?

  • Making or keeping friends
  • Acting appropriately in social situations
  • Initiating, maintaining or ending conversations
  • Impulsive or poor decisions
  • Tolerating distress or managing emotions appropriately
  • Working well with others

This social skills group will help participants build skills in friendship, communication, problem solving and emotion management through an activity-based learning environment.

This group is designed for middle school aged children who would like to develop skills to make and keep friends.

Tuesdays, 4 to 4:50 p.m.
Group facilitator:
Kiri Horsey, LPC, of Samaritan Mental Health Family Center
Size: A maximum of eight participants
Cost: Fees are determined by your insurance
Open enrollment: To register, call 541-768-4620