Albany woman gets back on track with diabetes prevention class

Grace Lawson
Feb 7,2013

Although not diagnosed with a pre-diabetic condition, Grace Lawson of Albany knew she needed to watch her blood sugar because of her “sweet tooth.”

“When I had my blood sugar checked in 2010, it was somewhat elevated,” Lawson said. “My doctor told me to go on a diabetic diet.”

Determined to keep her health under control, Lawson and her husband, Dan, enrolled in the Diabetes Prevention class at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital (SLCH) this past spring. Topics of the 12-week class include weight loss, healthy eating and exercise, as well as other lifestyle changes that will help participants avoid a diagnosis of diabetes.

“Watching your fat intake was what they stressed — being alert to what you’re actually eating,” Lawson said. “But they did it in a non-threatening way. They approached weight loss so realistically. If you cheated, you weren’t made to feel horrible.”

Today, Lawson has lost 25 pounds from her 2010 weight. “I’m at the weight that my doctor said is ideal for me. I haven’t been at this weight for decades!”

She attributes these successes to the class and the SLCH Diabetes Education team, led by Kathy Hillary, RN, CDE; Angie Frederic, RD, LD, CDE; and Tiffany Wadlow, RN, CDE.

“They do a wonderful job, and the class is free!” Lawson said. “What more could you ask for?”

As a result of the class, Lawson has changed her eating habits, and she’s getting more exercise. Her goal is to eat three meals a day while limiting snacks, and she tries to walk for a half hour at least, every day.

And she feels great. “When I’m at my normal weight, I feel so much more comfortable,” she said. “It’s definitely worth being at the right weight, not just for your health but also for your self-esteem.”
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