Lebanon man's new hip and getting back to active

Bob Gerig
Jun 25,2013

Get back to active and see Bob’s video.

“The joy of it all is having my normal life back!” said Bob Gerig, 66, of Lebanon after having hip replacement surgery at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center more than a year ago.

An avid fisherman and custom home builder, being pain-free is vital to Gerig’s active lifestyle. So when a dull but constant ache in his hip started slowing him down, Gerig made an appointment with his primary care physician, Richard Evans, MD, of Lebanon’s Main Street Family Medicine.

Gerig was diagnosed with arthritis in his hip and opted to initially treat the pain with a cortisone shot. While the first treatment provided relief for a few months, a second cortisone treatment didn’t do anything for his pain so Evans referred Gerig to James Ryan, MD, an orthopedic surgeon in Corvallis who specializes in total joint replacement surgery.

“Given the severity of Bob’s arthritis, he was in need of a total hip replacement,” said Ryan, who practices at Samaritan Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Center.  “This type of surgery involves replacing a damaged hip joint with a prosthetic implant and is most commonly done in cases of osteoarthritis and hip damage including injuries, fractures, bone tumors, rheumatoid arthritis and osteonecrosis.

During Gerig’s surgery, Ryan utilized computerized navigation, which is a relatively new and state-of-the-art technique in joint replacement that uses GPS-like technology to guide the placement of surgical instruments and prostheses.

“This technique allows for more accurate positioning of the implants and more accurate restoration of anatomy,” said Ryan.  “It is also much less invasive to the hip, which means smaller incisions and less pain and downtime than a more traditional surgery.”

Other benefits of joint replacement with computerized navigation include less risk for complications such as dislocation and leg length discrepancy.
“I had a great experience at Good Sam and with Dr. Ryan. In fact, after what he did for me, giving me my life back, I consider him my best friend. I feel blessed that I was in such good hands,” said Gerig.

Gerig is so pleased with his experience he frequently refers friends and relatives in need of orthopedic care to Ryan. And he encourages anyone considering hip replacement not to wait.

“The last pain I felt was when I got on the gurney before my surgery.  I’ve been living pain free and fully enjoying life ever since,” said Gerig. “If pain hampers your life, don’t wait. It’s not worth the pain. Just get it done.”

Today, Gerig is back to an active lifestyle. He enjoys recreational walks, keeping up with his grandchildren and watching them play basketball. He’s also happy to be spending most of his free time fishing and enjoying the great outdoors.

For more information on how you can get back to active, visit samhealth.org/Ortho.

Ryan practices at Samaritan Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Center in Corvallis. His areas of expertise include both primary and revision total hip and knee replacement, unicompartmental knee replacement, hip resurfacing, hip fractures and minimally invasive solutions to hip and knee replacements. Ryan can be reached at 541-768-4810.

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