SamFit about more than fitness to Lebanon man

Richard Bayus at SamFit Lebanon
Sep 6,2012
When Richard Bayus was young, his mother would send him out on errands to small family owned shops in the big city where he grew up.

“I’d go to the butcher and the baker, and you knew the people who owned all the shops,” said Bayus, now 66. “Maybe that’s why friendly faces and customer service are so important to me — I guess I’m old fashioned."

It’s just that feeling of warmth and service that has Bayus raving about his experience at the SamFit in Lebanon. After canceling his membership at a gym in 2006 because it felt “cold and impersonal” (and then neglecting exercise for a few years), he joined SamFit, which is open 24 hours a day, at the end of 2011

“I had gained weight and I promised my doctor I’d lose some by my next physical exam,” recalled Bayus. “I started at 210 pounds and by the time I saw my doctor in February of 2012, I was 175."

With input from Health and Fitness Specialist Kylar Dunn, Bayus established a personalized workout plan. He would exercise six days a week, doing both resistance training with weights and aerobic exercise. He also worked to improve his eating habits.

“Richard is very disciplined and is in tune with his body,” said Dunn. “And it’s wonderful that he enjoys his time here. We work to make sure people feel comfortable and have a plan for reaching their goals.”

Bayus likes that he now needs smaller pants, but he says fitness has become much more to him as he battles an eye disease that has limited his ability to see.

“I’m no longer able to drive because of my vision,” he said. “But as I became more fit, I could ride my bike farther, take hikes — it just makes it easier for me to get around. Fitness has meant freedom for me.”

Corvallis-area residents will soon have a SamFit location of their own. The final touches are being put on the new facility that will open in the former Borders space on NW Ninth Street. Similar to the Lebanon location, SamFit Corvallis will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and focus on helping members improve their overall health including physical fitness, nutrition and beyond. The new gym will host a grand opening in September, which is open to the public.

For more information on both SamFit locations, visit

SamFit Corvallis will host a grand opening on Sept. 15 at its new NW Ninth Street location. Like the Lebanon SamFit, staff will focus on helping their members improve their overall health.