Set realistic New Year’s resolutions

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Jan 23,2013

By Kylar A. Dunn

It is easy to lose track of personal health and fitness goals during the hustle of the holiday season. Many people end up feeling regret and, in a fit of self-loathing, make a few dramatic resolutions. There is a better way: setting realistic resolutions. Here are a few tips for helping you reach your health and fitness goals.
Allow yourself a moment of embarrassing honesty.
What aspects of your health and fitness don’t represent who you want to be, or what is hindering you from freely participating in life as you’d like? Admitting and recording your desires is the first essential step.

Decide what you want.
Really know what you want. What will it look and feel like? Do you want to hike the Pacific Crest Trail or keep up with your energetic grandkids? How about just getting back to a healthy weight or walk/jog your first 5K? Find pictures that you can post where you’ll regularly be reminded of your desires.
Plan small.
The only way to achieve your big dream is to break it down into smaller steps. For example, look at what you typically eat in a day, and make a list of healthier possibilities. It doesn’t need to be perfect at first, just better.

Make an announcement.
Sharing your big dream and your small plan with the right people will make it more official in your own mind and bring accountability. Choose people who will be encouraging and supportive.
Get up when you fall.
The journey toward what you want will not be flawless. Don’t let a missed day or week become a missed month or year. Practice forgiving yourself and keep moving forward.
The most effective health and fitness resolutions will include the following elements:
1. Frequent small meals of real food, starting with breakfast soon after waking.
2. Exhaust each muscle group at least once a week.
3. Cardiovascular exercise most days of the week focusing on intensity rather than duration.

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