Stan Hagen: 10 years of survivorship

S Hagen Prostate Cancer Survivor
Sep 17,2012

Coping strategy: “tumor humor”

After routine bloodwork flagged Stan Hagen as having prostate cancer, he still found humor through the challenge. “I thought I was a goner,” said Hagen, “But hey, my cholesterol level was good!”

In 2002, Hagen, age 50 at the time, embarked on a grueling treatment regimen of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

“I fought [cancer] with humor … tumor humor,” he said.

Always one for a laugh, he liked to walk into Samaritan’s infusion therapy clinic in Albany and call out, “Look alive, people!”

“Thinking back on it, I have fond memories of chemo,” Hagen recalled.

Fond memories? Of chemotherapy?

“It’s because of the people — they were all very caring,” said Hagen. He paused then quipped, “Even with me, the most obnoxious patient!”