Heart institute trains next generation of cardiologists

Mar 16,2012
Samaritan’s physician residency programs are in their third year of operation, but this past summer Samaritan launched its first fellowship program, in cardiology. A fellowship is the period of advanced subspecialty training that a physician may undertake following the completion of a residency program.

Cardiologists and program directors Matthew Lindberg, MD, FACC, and Francis Celis, DO, FACC, lead the three-year post-graduate program.

“Nationally, there is a growing need for well-trained cardiologists to care for our aging population,” said Lindberg. “We’re lucky to have one of just two cardiology fellowships in Oregon right here in our hospital. Our fellowship improves patient care, enhances the overall level of all of our academic programs and leads to more cardiac research in our hospitals.”

Training the next generation of cardiologists improves care for the patients of Samaritan Heart & Vascular Institute, but that’s not the only reason these physicians have signed on to lead the program.

“In addition to enhancing patient care, the fellowship allows us to pass on our knowledge to the next generation, and ultimately, will translate into providing the region with more cardiologists,” said Celis. “We’re helping to ensure the future health of the community we call home.”