High-tech procedure delivers desired results

Jun 13,2011
Joe Dodge, a 66-year-old recent retiree of CH2M-Hill, doesn’t like hospitals. So when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Joe sought a surgical treatment that would get him back on his feet – and out of the hospital – as soon as possible.  

The second most common form of male cancer, prostate cancer will affect one in six American men during their lifetime, and of those men, one in 36 will die from the disease.  

“Fortunately, new advancements in medical technology have made treatment increasingly effective and more tolerable for the patient,” said Layron Long, MD, board-certified urologist with Samaritan Urology, who performed the first robotic-assisted prostatectomy (on Joe Dodge) at Samaritan last November.

Treatments vary from surgery to radiation, but minimally-invasive surgery with the daVinci robotic-assisted surgical system is quickly becoming the preference of surgeons, physicians and patients alike.

“During surgery, the tiny cameras of the daVinci robot improve vision tenfold when compared to the naked eye, and overall range-of-motion increases to 360 degrees,” explained Dr. Long. “Improved sight and mobility help surgeons preserve the nerves and blood vessels which surround the prostate. Typically, this allows for faster recovery time, significantly less post-surgical pain, less scaring and less blood loss for most patients,” Dr. Long added.

And that was exactly the outcome Joe Dodge was looking for.

“I was out of the hospital in 24 hours,” Joe said with a smile. “After two weeks I was pain free, and back in my shop working on my cars.”

Each circumstance is unique, so the best treatment is always a determination made between the patient and his physician.To reach Samaritan Urology and Dr. Long call (541) 768-5486.

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