New Concussion Care Program offers safe return to play for athletes

May 8,2013
Samaritan Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Center has launched a Concussion Care Program to provide diagnosis, treatment and safe return to play for athletes following concussions.

Led by David Cassat, MD, and Craig Graham, MD, the Concussion Care Program provides expert, individualized care for athletes of all sports and ages. Both of our highly-trained physicians have been managing concussion care for years, Dr. Cassat as a sports medicine specialist and Dr. Graham as one of the Oregon State University team physicians.

For a patient suspected to have suffered a concussion, a neurological examination is conducted along with state-of-the-art neurocognitive assessments such as SCAT3 or ImPACT to evaluate the severity of the condition and determine the appropriate treatment plan. If appropriate, a MRI or CT scan is utilized to aid in diagnosis and management decisions.

In addition to neurocognitive assessments following a concussion, the Concussion Care Program also offers ImPACT baseline testing for $20. It is recommended that all athletes in high-impact sports complete this baseline test, which can be used to compare with post-injury assessments if a concussion occurs.

You don’t have to be an athlete to see one of our specialists. We also treat patients with injuries resulting from everyday activities such as car and bicycle accidents or falls so they can return to the active lifestyles they enjoy.

To learn more about the Concussion Care Program, to make a referral or an appointment, call Samaritan Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Center at 541-768-4810.
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