New cardiology fellows selected for growing program

May 29,2012
Medical education continues to grow at Samaritan Health Services with the addition of two new physicians within the Cardiology Fellowship Program. A fellowship is post-graduate program for a physician who has already completed medical school and a residency program.

David Lemmons, DO, and Jeremy Warner, DO, join Brian Dorgan, DO, who became the first-ever fellow at Samaritan in 2011. Lemmons completed his internal medicine residency at Samaritan in the spring of 2012 and was selected for one of the two positions from a field of candidates.

“I had always thought about cardiology as a specialty and about half way through my residency program I decided to pursue a fellowship,” said Lemmons. “I’m so happy to be able to continue my education within Samaritan. I was able to work closely with the cardiologists during my residency and I know about their dedication to teaching.”

The Cardiology Fellowship Program lasts three years and fellows work closely with attending physicians to learn the full spectrum of cardiology care. Cardiologist Matthew Lindberg, MD, and co-director of the program, said he’s pleased with the growth of the program and the significant benefits the rigorous academic training brings to the hospital and greater community.

“Creating an academic environment within a private care setting has significant rewards,” said Lindberg. “There’s enhanced learning for the attending physicians and the fellows bring a new level of energy to the group.”

At capacity, the Cardiology Fellowship Program will train six physicians at one time, with two fellows entering the program each year.

“Our goal is to provide the best training possible, while advancing heart care overall within our hospital,” said Lindberg.