Portable sleep testing service now available at Samaritan Sleep Disorders Center

Jul 2,2012
The Samaritan Sleep Disorders Center is the first in the state of Oregon to earn full accreditation for its portable sleep testing services.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) granted the accreditation, officially defined as Out of Center Sleep Testing (OCST). The academy also renewed the Center’s overarching accreditation for five years.

Portable sleep testing is ideal for patients who are suspected of having obstructive sleep apnea and have been prescreened. For many sufferers, sleep apnea — a condition where breathing is paused or decreased during sleep — is the underlying cause of daytime fatigue, moodiness and memory problems.

“For eligible patients, our portable sleep testing saves time and cost of an overnight sleep study,” said Dr. Mark Reploeg, director of Samaritan Sleep Disorders Center. “It helps us potentially diagnose and treat sleep apnea, which can greatly improve health and quality of life.”

With this new service, patients are given a testing unit to take home and wear for a night of sleep. It features a cannula that sits under the nose, a finger cuff oximeter to measure blood oxygen levels, respiratory effort bands around the chest and abdomen, and a small monitoring device. After a night of use, patients return the unit for interpretation and diagnosis by a board-certified physician.

Dr. Mark Reploeg, a specialist in sleep medicine from The Corvallis Clinic and medical director of Samaritan’s sleep program, stresses that only prescreened adults without major medical issues are the best candidates for this testing. “While the gold standard for sleep disorder testing is still an overnight study in our center, portable testing for apnea offers solid accuracy,” he said. The portable testing program is also available for diagnosis of inpatients of Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center with suspected sleep apnea.

The Samaritan Sleep Disorders Center is one of the largest sleep centers in Oregon accredited by the AASM. The 10-bed center features private rooms with a homelike atmosphere where adults and children can be evaluated for sleep disorders. For more information about the Samaritan Sleep Disorders center, visit samhealth.org/sleep.