Meet Amanda Kimball

Meet Amanda Kimball

Nurse appreciates flexibility, support community hospital offers

After working for nine years as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), Amanda Kimball had a good understanding of what it would take to earn her degree in nursing and be successful in the profession.

In 2007, Amanda started working as a CNA at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital (SPCH) in Newport after leaving a position at a large health care center in Arizona. At the same time, she began taking pre-requisites at Oregon Coast Community College. In 2009, she was accepted into nursing school at the community college

“It was a busy time,” recalls Amanda. “Not only was I working and going to school, but I had babies in both 2007 and 2009. It took a lot of work to balance everything.”

Amanda credits Samaritan for giving her flexibility in her work schedule to manage all her responsibilities. She’s also grateful for the tuition assistance she received from her employer.

“I was working half time back then and Samaritan reimbursed me for 50 percent of my educational costs,” says Amanda. “Nursing school is expensive and the education reimbursement was a big help."

When Amanda graduated in 2011, she was immediately hired into a new grad nursing position in the surgery department at SPCH, where she continues to care for patients today.

“Having been a CNA gave me a strong foot to stand on in the surgery department,” she said. “This is my favorite job of any I’ve ever had and I love working in a small hospital. I was worried when I moved here from a big city that it would be a difficult to adjust to working in a 25-bed community hospital. But I love the fact that everyone knows each other and that we rely on each other to provide great care.”

Amanda’s husband Andrew is also a Samaritan employee and has been working for both SPCH and Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital for the last 15 years. Together, they have four children and enjoy the close-knit community of Newport and all of the outdoor activities the coastal town has to offer.

“We just love this community.”