Meet Brad Canfield

Meet Brad Canfield

Foundation employee puts passion for writing and people to work

Brad Canfield has always loved writing and working with people. His writing interest led him to major in English at Oregon State University, and his passion for working with people has kept him highly involved with his church in Corvallis.


Canfield started out his career as a newspaper reporter in 2003, but it wasn't long before he was looking for something more.


"I wanted something that offered me long-term challenge, something that I could settle into for several years," he said. "I was also looking for something that would let me take really good care of my family."


That's when Canfield discovered Samaritan Health Services. He interviewed for a job as a public relations and marketing coordinator at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital.


"I took my wife a dozen roses when I got the job," he said. "I was so excited to join a company that was doing really important work in our communities and that offered so much potential for growth."


Canfield is now in his ninth year with Samaritan, and works as director of annual giving for the system. It's a job that provides fresh challenge every day, and plenty of opportunity to use his writing and people skills. Samaritan also supported Canfield as he pursued a master's of strategic communication degree from the University of Oregon, providing more than $12,000 in tuition assistance.

"Every day when I come home to my wife and little sons, I thank God for the great job I have. Not everyone gets to work for a company like this," he said.