Meet Lance McQuillan

Meet Lance McQuillan

Corvallis physician enjoys family life in thriving community

Family Medicine Physician Lance McQuillan’s oldest child began kindergarten this year and McQuillan couldn’t be happier with the quality of educational options available to his family.

“All of the public elementary schools in Corvallis are great. We feel very lucky to be able to send our son to his local school,” said McQuillan, who has three young children with his wife, Katie. “There are also very good private schools available here and the educational system as a whole is excellent.”

It’s that focus on family life that’s a big reason McQuillan is so content with life in Corvallis as he cares for patients at Samaritan Family Medicine.

“There are great opportunities for family life here,” he said. “It’s a small town, but with a major university (Oregon State) we enjoy great restaurants, numerous events and a thriving community. And there are so many possibilities for outdoor activities. My wife and I love hiking and camping and we enjoy getting outdoors with our family often.”

McQuillan also touts the vibrant medical factor as another positive draw to Corvallis and Samaritan Health Services.

Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center is a regional referral center and we see patients from all over,” he said. “We have a very diverse group of doctors in the area, many of whom are drawn to living in a university community. New doctors who come here – especially primary care – are busy immediately because of the patient demand.

“I also love that we are a non-profit system,” he continued. “We have no restrictions on who we see – meaning those people with little or no ability to pay receive the quality care they need. And for doctors, there’s no incentive not to see those patients as there can be in for-profit organizations. I feel really good about the mission of our system.”

In addition to caring for patients at the clinic, McQuillan is also the Family Medicine Residency Program Co-Director. He says that working closely to train new physicians has upped the level of expertise and knowledge throughout the system.

“Having residents around helps us to engage, talk about interesting cases and make sure we’re always up on the latest research and best practices,” he said. “We learn from the residents and they learn from us – all to the benefit of our patients. It’s been a wonderful experience to welcome these new physicians into our community.”

With all of the advantages he’s found living in Corvallis, McQuillan says he’s found the perfect location to raise a family, practice medicine and enjoy life.