Charitable Gift Planning

Charitable Gift Planning

You have worked hard to accumulate your assets. When it comes to their
estate most people have three things in mind: 1) To have enough to live
on for the rest of their lives; 2) To pass on as much as possible to heirs;
and 3) To leave as little as necessary to the government.

A 20-minute meeting with Bob Hoffman, a Thompson & Associate estate
planning professional, will let you know whether a review of your estate
plan will help you achieve these goals. In fact, you may find that you can
leave even more to your heirs.

The hospital foundations of Samaritan Health Services want to assist you
in achieving all of your estate planning objectives, even if we are not
included in your estate plan.

Is estate planning right for you?
Some might think that estate planning is a vehicle solely for the “rich.”
That is not the case. In fact, many people can realize dramatic financial
benefits by going through the estate planning process. Doing so may
help protect their hard-earned assets for their heirs.

What’s in it for you?
We will introduce you to Thompson & Associates, one of the most successful
and highly respected charitable estate planning firms in the country. They do
not sell products, and they do not manage money. Their only task is to plan
your estate according to your desires.

Benefits of working with Thompson & Associates:
• Information given to Thompson & Associates is kept confidential.
• You receive a free, comprehensive set of recommendations which would
typically cost about $7,500.
Thompson & Associates will work with your attorney and other professional
advisors to accomplish your goals.
• You will feel satisfied knowing that your estate plan will be one of the best
plans available in the country.

What’s in it for the hospital foundations
of Samaritan Health Services?
We have no hidden agenda. We offer these services for
the following reasons:
• We believe you desire to be good stewards of the assets that you have
worked so hard for during your life.
• We believe you would prefer to give a portion of your estate to charity
rather than to the government, if possible.
• We believe you want to arrange your estate so it will be a positive gift
to your heirs rather than serve as a disruption.
• We want to help you pass your legacy of helping others without
taking away from your needs or the needs of your heirs.
• We believe we should assist others in formulating an estate plan that
meets their values and objectives and is also based on current tax laws.

What do you need to do?
Please contact your local Samaritan hospital foundation to begin
the planning process. You will not be rushed to make decisions.
Bob Hoffman, vice president of Thompson & Associates, will assist
you in the planning processes.

Albany General Hospital Foundation – 541-812-4702
Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation – 541-768-4256
Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation – 541-451-6303
North Lincoln Hospital Foundation – 541-996-7102
Pacific Communities Health District Foundation – 541-574-1810