Meet a Hospice Donor

Meet a Hospice Donor

Meet hospice donor Bob Young

Bob Young is an architect with his own firm, Young & Wieprecht Architecture; and over the years, he's donated enough money through his firm to the Albany General Hospital Foundation that he's a member of the Samaritan Society for major donors. In addition to his monetary donations, some of which have been given to Albany's InReach Clinic, Young has come up with his own personal way of giving "in-kind" support. He has given literally hundreds of hours of time – time that does not appear on any invoice – in designing the proposed new facility for Evergreen Hospice.

"I've been working with Samaritan folks on various projects since 1986; and truly, they're like family to me," Young said. "I feel that I'm a part of the Samaritan community, and this is my way of giving back. I've traveled to other hospice facilities to find the most comfortable, efficient designs. This extensive travel, together with research and preliminary design work, would just get to be so costly, that I've decided to donate much of that time, so that the project can be successful."

Evergreen's conceptual floor plan calls for a family-friendly, 12-bed facility. Each room would have a private bath and enough space for a couch or foldout bed. The design also includes a covered drive-up and walkway; a central reception/dining area; a chapel; office space and more.

"I had a great aunt who received hospice care, and the hospice staff was always there for her," Young said. "Hospice provides a valuable service, and I know how important it can be to a community. I consider it a privilege to work on this project."