Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

North Lincoln Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees

Ann Butler, President
Barb Halferty, Vice President
Ron Tierney, Treasurer
Sheridan Jones, Secretary

Executive Committee
Marty Cahill, SNLH CEO
Barb Halferty, Donor Development Chair
Estle Harlan, Immediate Past President and Nominating Chair
Julie McBee, Special Events Chair
Esther Schwartz, NLHD Board Liaison
Duane Silbernagel, Planned Giving Chair
Ron Tierney, Finance Chair
Charlene Vandervelden, Donor Appreciation  Chair

Trustees at Large
Cary Ann Bailey
Gert Carey
Thomas C. Evans
Linda Fitz-Armstrong
Larry Garrison
Ron Lovell
Mark Nicholson
Dennis Regen

Trustees Emeritus
Claire Goode
James Kulla
Janet Whitaker
Judy Whitlatch