Available Rotations

Available Rotations

Auditions and Sub-Internships

We understand that a student's choice for residency is a significant decision. We also recognize that it is imperative that the student be a good fit for the residency program. For these reasons we allow fourth-year students to complete audition and sub-internship rotations within the areas of our residency.

These experiences will allow students to see firsthand the foundation and fundamental values on which our programs are built. Our goal is to provide students with a positive clinical experience and to learn more about the residency programs with Samaritan. We invite you to learn more about our osteopathic residency programs.

We begin accepting applications for audition and sub-internship rotations during the month of January. Typically these rotations are scheduled during the months of March and April. If you are interested in requesting an audition or sub-internship rotation, please go to our rotation request page. 

The following Audition/Sub-Internship rotations have been filled for the 2016-2017 year:

• Psychiatry
• Family Medicine
• General Surgery


We have the capacity to offer an assortment of primary care and specialty electives. Please recognize that the availability of elective rotations within the areas of our residency training programs will be limited. Many of these rotations will be reserved for current residents and students wishing to participate in an audition or sub-internship rotation.

If you are interested in requesting an elective rotation please continue to the rotation request page.