Critical Care Internship

Critical Care Internship

Critical Care Internship Program

We offer rewarding opportunities
for nurse graduates who are interested in the area of critical care. Our comprehensive internship program will prepare you for a career as a member of a critical care unit.

With a limited number of graduates accepted to the program each year, now is your chance to continue your education in a fast-paced, collaborative and supportive environment and receive a great benefit and wage package while you learn!

The critical care internship is a six-week course that incorporates classroom, simulation lab and focused clinical experiences. The internship includes:

  • Cardiac rhythm interpretation course
  • Critical care class
  • Simulation lab experience to reinforce classroom concepts
  • Clinical practice with focused objectives related to critical care concepts
  • Graduate Nurse Transition Program
  • Structured clinical orientation period for up to six months at a Samaritan facility 

To apply, a two-step process must be completed:

  1. Complete an online application. Positions are listed as “RN-New Grad.” Attach an electronic resume, including estimated date of licensing.
  2. Have at least two clinical instructors complete and return the Candidate Reference Forms. References are to be returned separately to the address below.

    Samaritan Recruiting
    3600 NW Samaritan Drive
    Avery Square — Suite 215
    Corvallis, OR 97330
    Fax: 541-768-5449

Application Timeline


  • Applications for the summer program are generally accepted from April to June, with the program starting in August.  


For additional information, please call 541-768-5441 or email Samaritan Recruiting.