Med-Surg Internship

Med-Surg Internship

Med/Surg Internship Program

Our program is designed to provide support, mentoring and education based on application of knowledge and clinical skills beyond the traditional hospital orientation plan.

In conjunction with the four week new graduate nurse program, the med/surg interns will be provided with three simulation days over a six-month period. Simulation will include opportunities for patient assessment and management of some of the more common diagnoses on the med/surg units. Simulation will provide increasingly complex scenarios and tasks.

The program will focus on communication skills, integration of leadership, patient outcomes and professional role development relating to the selected topics and development of clinical judgment. Opportunities will be provided to adjust content to the group’s experiences and identified needs.

    Applying for the program

    To apply, complete an online application. Positions are listed as “RN-New Grad.” Attach an electronic resume, including estimated date of licensing.

    Application Timeline
    • Applications for the summer program are generally accepted from April to June, with the program starting in August.

    For additional information, please call (541) 768-5441 or email Samaritan Recruiting.