Center for Health Education

Center for Health Education

Pacific Communities Health District Foundation plans to launch a $3 million campaign to build the Center for Health Education in Newport. The center will feature meeting rooms; a professional skills lab for hospital employees and students; a computer training room; a health resource library and more.

The fund drive is led by family physician Richard Fox, MD.

Proposed structure in supporting a Healthy Environment

The design and construction of the Center for Health Education aims to integrate green building practices through the utilization of environmentally friendly building materials and optimizing energy efficiency. Building materials will be carefully selected with consideration of the environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of the material.


Consideration of materials begins at its fabrication and delivery, runs through its longevity and capacity to withstand our coastal environment, and concludes with its ability to be recycled at the end of its life span. The Center for Health Education will be constructed with:

  • Locally-produced concrete

  • Wood and engineered wood products from sustainable forests

  • Steel that is 90 percent recycled

  • Paints and sealants that are low VOC


To minimize the amount of fuel used in delivery, regionally-produced products will be sought.


Energy efficiency will be optimized through the use of heat pumps, in-line hot water heaters, effective day lighting as well as the use of fluorescent and LED light fixtures, and occupancy sensors. Wall and window construction will include high insulation values and thermal breaks to minimize heat loss.


As the Center for Health Education brings wellness to our community, it also strives to support the health of our environment