Our mission

Our mission

Our mission
Samaritan Early Learning Center (SELC) is guided by the mission of Samaritan Health Services (SHS): “We enhance community health and achieve high value through quality services across a continuum of care.”

Samaritan Early Learning Center supports the SHS mission by:

  • Being committed to building the foundation for lifelong learning by supporting the whole child in reaching their full potential developmentally, emotionally and academically through a positive learning environment.
  • Having highly qualified staff that is committed to lifelong learning through ongoing training while creating and maintaining a positive, inviting and safe environment. 
  • Partnering with families and community organizations to empower parents and guardians to make informed decisions for their children, thereby strengthening the community.  

Our vision
Samaritan Early Learning Center is a leader in quality early education that promotes family involvement within a community-centered learning environment.

Our values
Leadership, respect, excellence, integrity, stewardship, compassion and service

Our philosophy
Samaritan Early Learning Center creates a culture of acceptance and believes that children are unique in their life experiences, readiness to learn and cultural heritage. We are a community of children, teachers, parents, guardians and community members who work together to ensure every child has the best opportunities for lifelong learning, success and reaching their full potential.