Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education

Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center does not currently offer Clinical Pastoral Education units. For more information, visit the ACPE website.

Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
has long been recognized for a holistic philosophy of healing, attending to body, mind and spirit. Through its Chaplain Services Department, the hospital has provided pastoral care to its patients and staff for more than 30 years. In 2006, the Clinical Pastoral Education program was established to serve the educational needs of clergy, seminarians and qualified lay persons for ministry.

Accreditation and types of programs
Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center is accredited to provide Level I and Level II Clinical Pastoral Education by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc., 1549 Clairmont Road, Suite 103, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4635. Telephone 404-320-1472.

Level I Clinical Pastoral Education
The Level I program focuses on addressing basic competencies and skills for providing spiritual care. Each student is expected to be a motivated adult learner. Students in Level I develop the capacity to be reflective religious practitioners within the clinical context and to develop their self- and faith-based identity within the acute care medical setting.

Level II Clinical Pastoral Education
The Level II program offers the opportunity to continue clinical ministry education that addresses advanced competencies in pastoral care and counseling. Level II allows for the integration of skills learned in Level I through deepening awareness of professional ministry vocation, a range of specialized pastoral skills, theoretical frameworks for ministry, management and administrative functions and awareness of the ways cultural diversity and social conditions affect systems of health care.

The Clinical Pastoral Education program at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center will consider all applications according to aptitude, ability and potential for ministry without regard to race color, religion, gender, age, national origin, veteran/military status, disability or sexual orientation. In the admissions process, every attempt will be made to include a diverse group of students, providing equal access to educational opportunities for all qualified persons. Persons applying should evidence an openness to clinical learning, a readiness to use the clinical setting for personal and professional learning, an aptitude for providing fundamental spiritual care in the clinical setting, and the potential to make a contribution to the services provided by the Chaplain Services Department at Good Sam.

NOTE: Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center is not accepting Clinical Pastoral Education applications at this time.

Requirements for admission
The following will be required for admission to an extended or summer unit and/or continuing units:
  • A completed Association of Clinical Pastoral Education application with application fee
  • An admission interview and acceptance by a qualified interviewer (ACPE supervisor or supervisor candidate)
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent. A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university is preferred
  • Participation in some form of theological/pastoral education and/or active participation in a community of faith
  • A proven aptitude for interpersonal work, sound mental/emotional health and the ability to minister in a cross-cultural, interfaith setting
  • A review of Medical Center policies and associated materials
Access to patients and information technology at the hospital also requires:
  • Background check information/authorization
  • Drug testing protocols and authorizations
  • Immunizations and /or titers showing immunities to various diseases


Because of this extensive admissions process applications must be received at least three months in advance of the beginning of a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education.

Upcoming Clinical Pastoral Education units

There are no Clinical Pastoral Education units offered at this time. For more information about Clinical Pastoral Education, visit the ACPE website or contact the following:

Rev. Dr. John H. Moody, Regional Director
Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc., Pacific Region
1245 Young Street, Ste. 204
Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone: 808-591-1388
Fax: 808-593-9206

Rev. Dr. Teresa E. Snorton, Executive Director
Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.
1549 Clairmont Road, Suite 103
Decatur, GA 30033
Phone: 404-320-1472
Fax: 404-320-0849

For more information about professional chaplaincy, visit