Advanced Practice

Advanced Practice

Opportunities for advanced practice students

We provide advanced practice training for the following programs: physician assistants, nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives. As health care providers, these professionals play a significant role in the delivery of patient care. We are pleased to provide advanced practice students with dynamic, exciting educational experiences.

In order to complete rotations with SHS, you must be enrolled in a program for one of the occupations listed above. It is vital that permission is received from your institution's Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education prior to requesting a rotation. If you have any questions, please contact the SHS Manager of Student Services.

Students must complete a background check and drug screen prior to starting an educational experience. Please use the following information to help you complete this process.

The online orientation consists of reviewing SHS policies and trainings, signing a confidentiality statement and providing immunization records. These records need approval from the Office of Medical Education.

At least 30 days before your arrival, we ask that you complete the following:

Step One:
Review the following SHS policies and educational information:

Cell Phone Electronic Device Use    Safety Training
Code of Ethics and Conduct   Student Dress Code
Communicating Effectively   Student Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
Confidential and Proprietary   Tobacco Free Campus
Harassment Free Workplace   Web Ambassador PACS
Information Privacy Training   Workforce Information Technology Use and Security
Information Security Training   Workplace Safety and Violence Reduction

Step Two:
If you have any outstanding institutional requirements the Office of Medical Education will contact you regarding any additional documentation that must be provided.

Immunization guidelines and checklist:
  Health testing guidelines
  Medical immunization form
  TB risk factor screening data sheet

Background check and consent forms:
  Background check consent
  Student FCRA facts
  Student FCRA release

Drug screen protocol and SHS testing locations:
  Drug screen protocol and map

We are sensitive to the fact that many of you will need short-term housing options during your time at SHS. A list of housing options is available by request for your convenience.