College Students

College Students

Opportunities for college students

We enjoy partnering with colleges and universities around the northwest to provide students with educational work experiences. Student experiences vary in nature due to the variety of demands of different educational programs. College students make up Samaritan's largest and most diverse group of students, covering the full spectrum of health care delivery.

Educational opportunities available with Samaritan may include internships or clinical rotations, but vary greatly depending on the specific needs of programs. Students who are required to complete an educational experience as part of an academic program need approval from their respective coordinator or advisor at their institution. After receiving approval, please contact the SHS Manager of Student Services before starting the orientation process listed below.

Students must complete a background check and drug screen prior to starting an educational experience. Please use the following information to help you complete this process.

The online orientation consists of reviewing SHS policies and trainings, signing a confidentiality statement and providing immunization records. These records need approval from the Office of Medical Education.

At least 30 days before your arrival, we ask that you complete the following:

Step One:
Review the following SHS policies and educational information:

Cell Phone Electronic Device Use    Safety Training 
Code of Ethics and Conduct   Student Dress Code
Communicating Effectively   Student Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
Confidential and Proprietary Information   Tobacco Free Campus
Harassment Free Workplace   Workforce Information Technology Use and Security
Information Privacy Training   Workplace Safety and Violence Reduction
Information Security Training  

Step Two:

Please review the following health testing guidelines. Documentation must be provided for all immunizations and tests.
Health testing guidelines
Medical immunization form
TB risk factor screening data sheet

Step Three:
All students are required to have a background check. Please contact the SHS Manager of Student Services for more information about this process.
Background check consent
Student FCRA facts
  Student FCRA release

Step Four:
All students are required to pass a drug screen. Please review the information below and contact the SHS Manager of Student Services if you have any questions.
Drug screen protocol and map