High School

High School

Opportunities for high school students

Samaritan Health Services understands that while curiosity is sparked in the classroom, some experiences can only come from time spent in the field. As the local face of world-class care, we are proud to offer Benton, Linn and Lincoln County students enrolled in a health occupations class the opportunity to explore health care. If you are a local student who has approval to complete rotations, please complete the orientation process below.

Classes who want to take a tour of an SHS facility should contact Professional Development. Students participating in a tour will need to sign a SHS confidentiality agreement.

The online orientation consists of reviewing SHS policies and trainings, signing a confidentiality statement and providing immunization records. These records need approval from the Office of Medical Education.

At least 30 days before your arrival, we ask that you complete the following:


Step One:
Review the following SHS policies and educational information:



 Cell Phone/Electronic Device Personal Use  SHS Information Privacy Training
Code of Ethics and Conduct: Appendix A SHS Information Security Training
Communicating Effectively Safety Training
Confidential and Proprietary Information Measure 91: What It Means For SHS Employees
Harassment Free Workplace Customer Service
Student Dress Code  Cultural Awareness
Student Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace  
Tobacco-Free Campus  
Workforce Information Technology Use and Security  
 Workplace Safety & Violence Reduction  

Step Two:
Please review the following health testing guidelines. Documentation must be provided for all immunizations and tests.
Health testing guidelines
Medical immunization form
TB risk factor screening data sheet