Osteopathic Students

Osteopathic Students

Opportunities for osteopathic students

We offer fourth-year medical students a wide variety of rotation opportunities. Whether this is in the form of an audition, sub-internship or elective, we invite students to rotate in our area and learn more about our organization and the communities that we serve.

We are strongly committed to teaching the next generation of physicians and it is our hope that this will lead to better quality health care for the state of Oregon. Please read more about the rotation opportunities that we offer.

We have the capacity to offer an assortment of primary care and specialty electives. Please recognize that the availability of elective rotations within the areas of our residency training programs will be limited. Many of these rotations will be reserved for current residents and students wishing to participate in an audition or sub-internship rotation.

If you are interested in requesting an elective rotation with Samaritan please continue to the application process.

Audition and Sub-Internship Opportunities
We understand that a student's choice for residency is a significant decision. We also recognize that it is imperative that the student be a good fit for the residency program. For these reasons we allow fourth-year students to complete audition and sub-internship rotations within the areas of our residency.

These experiences will allow students to see first hand the foundation and fundamental values on which our programs are built. Our goal is to provide students with a positive clinical experience and to learn more about the residency programs with Samaritan. We invite you to learn more about our osteopathic residency programs.

If you are interested in requesting an audition or sub-internship rotation, please follow the steps listed below.

Application Process

Samaritan's Office of Medical Education will review your information and respond to your request in a timely manner. We will do our best to accommodate all requests but unfortunately at this time we have fewer open positions than the demand that exists. Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.


Rotation Approval and Orientation Process
Upon receiving notification of your rotation approval, you will receive housing information and directions to complete the SHS online orientation process.

The online orientation consists of reviewing SHS policies, completing safety and computer training, ensuring that all institutional requirements have been met and signing a verification page. At least 60 days before your arrival, we ask that you complete the following.

Step One:
Review the following SHS policies and educational information:

Cell Phone Electronic Device Use   Safety Training 
Code of Ethics and Conduct   Student Dress Code
Communicating Effectively   Student Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
Confidential and Proprietary Information   Tobacco Free Campus
Harassment Free Workplace   Web Ambassador PACS
Information Privacy Training   Workforce Information Technology Use and Security
Information Security Training   Workplace Safety and Violence Reduction

Step Two:
If you have any outstanding institutional requirements the Office of Medical Education will contact you regarding any additional documentation that must be provided.

Immunization guidelines and checklist:
  Health testing guidelines
  Medical immunization form
  TB risk factor screening data sheet

Background check and consent forms:
  Background check consent
  Student FCRA facts
  Student FCRA release

Drug screen protocol and SHS testing locations:
  Drug screen protocol and map

Please refer all documentation and questions regarding institutional requirements to our Manager of Student Services.

Thank you very much for completing the SHS orientation process. We are very excited about this opportunity and hope to create a worthwhile experience which enables you to learn more about our program.

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