About us

Samaritan Health Plans—managed locally, serving locally.

Samaritan Health Plans is part of your local network of Samaritan hospitals, doctors and clinics. Our benefits are the result of visiting with members like you. We listen to what’s important, and as a result, we work year-round to find ways to keep your costs as low as possible, while providing the high-quality health care benefits you need now and in the future.

We make sure you have many options for care – in your hometown and beyond.
Over 95% of the service area’s providers participate in our plan, plus a whole host of specialists from Portland to Eugene who provide the most progressive treatment available on the West Coast. Because of our extensive network, you have many options for excellent routine and specialty care without having to travel far from your home. And when you do want to travel, you can have peace of mind with our coverage for urgent care throughout the U.S. and emergency services anywhere in the world.

We provide local service – walk in our office or call us in Corvallis. We even come to you.
Health insurance can be complicated. And sometimes what you really need is to sit down with someone and get your questions answered face to face. Or talk on the phone with a knowledgeable person that lives in your area and understands local needs and concerns.


That’s the local advantage that Samaritan Health Plans' members enjoy and use to make the most of their health care benefits. At our office in Corvallis, you’re welcome to stop by for a chat – without an appointment – anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. We also make regular visits to your local Samaritan hospital and other public locations in your community. Give us a call and we'll tell you when we will be in your neighborhood. We’re here for you!


We keep health care local – your premiums support local doctors, hospitals and clinics.
Samaritan Health Plan Operations are part of the network of doctors, hospitals and clinics that serve you in the Willamette Valley and Central Coast of Oregon. We are governed by community members and answerable to our neighbors, not stockholders. We serve everyone equally, regardless of circumstance or ability to pay.


As a Samaritan Health Plan member, your premiums become part of the funding that makes the best kind of care possible in your community. As well, you become part of a larger group whose collective behavior can impact the cost of local health care. If you are an active participant in safeguarding your health, you help improve the future of everyone that lives near you. We believe that you can contribute to measurable and lasting change that will affect not only your health, but health care for all of us.


Our heritage.
Our parent organization, Samaritan Health Services, provides a rich mix of local and regional health care services designed for people at all stages of their lives. Like us, Samaritan Health Services is governed by community members, physicians, and other health care providers. As a community leader, Samaritan strives to enhance and expand locally-available, high-quality health care for our neighbors, family, friends and employees in the Willamette Valley and Central Coast of Oregon.