Community Health Improvement Plan

Community Health Improvement Plan

Community Health Improvement Plan

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) for InterCommunity Health Network CCO (IHN-CCO) is tasked with overseeing a community health assessment and recommending a community health improvement plan (CHIP). This CHIP serves as a beginning place for planning for the improvement of IHN-CCO members’ health and quality of care while effectively managing costs.

During the assessment phase, the CAC and its local advisory committees prioritized four health impact areas and initial improvement goals. They then worked with IHN-CCO to identify strategies and activities to reach those goals.

Overview of health impact areas and goals

Access to health care

  • Goal 1: Ensure adequate provider capacity for primary care, dental health, mental health, and substance use for IHN-CCO members
  • Goal 2: Promote the availability of culturally sensitive care, particularly in the areas of language and health literacy
  • Goal 3: Expand after-hours service availability including normal clinic hours and days for primary and behavioral healthcare
Behavioral health
  • Goal 1: Increase child and youth mental health and wellbeing
  • Goal 2: Reduce stigma associated with diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health issues in order to improve access and appropriate utilization of services
  • Goal 3: Expand service options for behavioral health treatment for children, adults, and families
Chronic disease
  • Goal: Implement primary prevention strategies to promote health and reduce prevalence of chronic disease, particularly in areas such as obesity, tobacco use, asthma, and environmental toxins
Maternal and child health
  • Goal: Improve overall maternal and child health and well-being, including a focus on preconception needs

Progress reports

Each July, beginning in 2015, the CAC will provide a progress report for the CHIP, which will include its strategies, activities, and measurable outcomes:


In February 2016, the Board of Directors for IHN-CCO approved an addendum to its CHIP. The addendum focuses on outcomes and indicators around these five areas: Access to healthcare, behavioral health, child health, chronic disease and maternal health:

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