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InterCommunity Health Network CCO is working to find answers to problems that may be getting in the way of good health. You can help us by becoming involved with our Community Advisory Council. We are recruiting for members year-round to fill any vacancies that may come up in our regional council, and to supply needed help in the county-level advisory councils.

As a member of our Council, you will look at the health needs of your county and help us decide what to do. Council membership is limited to persons living in Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties. InterCommunity Health Network CCO members are especially encouraged to apply.

We believe that our efforts, along with yours, will make a lasting difference in the health and health care of our communities. Please consider joining us as we look for new and better ways to prevent and manage health problems.


The Community Advisory Council is looking for InterCommunity Health Network CCO members (or the parent/guardian of a member) to fill up-coming vacancies in Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties. One opening also exists for a community representative in Benton County.

To be considered for the Council, complete an application (en español).
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