All-Star Tribute

All-Star caliber 

The Samaritan Advantage All-Star tribute involves an entire day devoted to celebrating the exceptional achievement of the selected recruit.

Video of past winner's Samaritan Advantage All-Star presentation  

It begins with limo transportation to the game for the All-Star and three guests. Club-level seating will be provided in the Omaha Room at Goss Stadium. All-Star and friends will truly enjoy this luxe suite atmosphere.

Then on to the field for photos with Benny Beaver and pitching warm-up with an OSU Beavers catcher. Alternately, if the All-Star prefers to watch the first pitch, they can designate their stand-in to share the fun and the spotlight!

As it nears the time to start the game, the fans’ attention will be called to the stadium’s videoboard. As the All-Star stands on the field, a tribute will be played for all to appreciate and applaud.

Following the tribute, the All-Star trophy—a replica of the Major League’s All-Star trophy—will be presented, along with an official OSU Beavers jersey and hat.

After the applause dies down, the All-Star (or designee) will step up to the mound and throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Then it’s time to enjoy an afternoon of OSU Beavers Baseball.

But the day doesn’t end there. The All-Star will finish their special day with dinner at a hot Corvallis dining spot with their guests and then a limo ride home. A very, very good day.

You can’t win if you don’t try-out.
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