Hall of Fame

Lanny Zoeller, Corvallis
Lanny was chosen as our 2011 All-Star for his performance to the service of others in a way that receives no fanfare or public recognition. Small and large, Lanny's random acts of kindness have touched so many. A family, stranded after their car broke down, was given a ride home, then found that their car had been towed in for repairs and the bill paid. A woman, seriously injured after a car hit her, had a wheelchair ramp built at her home. Another woman, struggling as she dealt with drug addiction and near homelessness, was taken in and given the home and support needed to get her life on track.

All-Star Lanny Zoeller has a heart as big as they come and he gets up every day with the intention of doing what he can and what is asked of him to help his community. 

Marcel Loriz, Albany
Marcel was chosen as the 2010 Samaritan Advantage All-Star for his volunteer work with the Albany InReach medical and dental clinics. InReach Services are the result of an energetic alliance of volunteers who collectively offer creative options for the medically vulnerable. These “safety net” clinics serve adults and children who have no other source for the essential health care they need.

Marcel has provided more than 650 hours of service as a Spanish translator for the clinics’ patients. Though not a health care provider by training or education, Marcel has applied his engineering competence to acquiring a Spanish medical vocabulary to better serve the needs of both patients and doctors. Every Thursday night and extra days beyond, you will find 80-year-old Marcel at the ready, helping our neighbors in Albany, Tangent and Millersburg who have economic or social barriers to health care.

For information about volunteer opportunities for Albany InReach, please call (541) 812-4986.

Video of Mario's Samaritan Advantage All-Star presentation  

Mary Ray, Albany
As a volunteer for Oregon's Donate Life Northwest, Mary has visited the Oregon Medical Assistants Association Convention, the Cancer 24-hour Relay, churches all over Albany and Corvallis, Good Samaritan and Albany General Hospitals, Police, Sheriff and Fire Departments, as well as Rotary, Lions, Elks and other similar service organizations throughout the mid-valley.

Due to her tireless efforts, Mary has personally signed up over 500 donors, the largest number of any volunteer in the entire Northwest.

For more information about Donate Life Northwest, please visit www.donatelifenw.org or call 1.800.452.1369.

Ken Johnson, Corvallis
While Ken has been an exceptional team-player throughout his life, it is his most recent contribution that catapulted him into the All-Star category. In 2007, at age 70, Ken created a free dental clinic at the Boys and Girls Club of Corvallis to provide desperately needed dental care for underprivileged children.