It takes a lifetime to become an All-Star.


The Samaritan Advantage All-Star will be selected on the merit of a specific achievement, accomplished after reaching the age of 65. Qualified recruits will be evaluated on how their achievement: 

  • Is exceptional – it would have been a challenge for someone of any age to accomplish.

  • Required skill and determination that was developed over time. All-Stars do not "overcome" their age; they are enabled by their age and life experience.

  • Is inspirational and motivational to others – it demonstrates that aging supports achieving. All-Stars have developed their capacity for exceptional behavior, action and achievement.

  • Breaks new ground and improves the lives of others.


The All-Star selection will be made by a group of local community leaders. Meet our Scouting Team.

You can’t win if you don’t try-out.
Try-outs end April 7th. Enter yourself or send us your scouting tips. Sign up here today!

Video of Samaritan Advantage All-Star presentation