Newsletter: Your Health Matters

Newsletter: Your Health Matters

Your Health Matters is a wellness publication of Samaritan Health Plans and InterCommunity Health Network CCO.

Current Issue: Fall 2014

  • Fight off the flu 
  • Try these ways to eat more fiber
  • Women: You need this important screening
  • Know your child's health needs
  • Take steps to protect your mental health
  • Live healthier with diabetes 
  • Screenings save lives 
  • Classes and support

Past Issues

Summer 2014
  • Protect yourself from skin cancer
  • Seek help for addiction
  • Take control of asthma
  • Tools to help you quit smoking
  • Take steps toward healthier bones
  • Smart choices for healthy blood pressure
  • 10 ways to lower stroke risk
  • Be active for a healthier heart
  • Classes and support
Spring 2014
  • Skip the salt
  • Act to prevent cervical cancer
  • Preparing for a healthy pregnancy
  • Fit in folic acid
  • Colorectal cancer basics
  • Help for depression
  • Many Americans face heart risks
  • Proper dental care begins with baby teeth
  • Classes and support

Fall 2013
  • Ward off flu—and colds, too 
  • Solutions to stress
  • Use caution with dietary supplements 
  • Avoid mixing alcohol with medicine
  • Take steps to stay healthy 
  • Stay well with screenings and exams 
  • Cholesterol, by the numbers 
  • Easy ways to ease low back pain
  • Trim calories from cookout cuisine
  • To manage blood pressure, trim sodium
  • Classes and support

Summer 2013
  • Fit more motion into your day
  • Too much sun can hurt your skin
  • Stay well during allergy season
  • You have the willpower to quit
  • Food can affect your mood
  • You need a good night’s sleep
  • 5 Tips to help manage migraines
  • Trim calories from cookout cuisine
  • Planning ahead: Advance directives
  • Classes, programs and support

Spring 2013
  • Practice good hygiene to ward off germs
  • A simple guide to diabetes prevention 
  • Protect kids from diabetes with healthy habits
  • Good dental habits may help your heart
  • Coronary artery disease: Get the facts
  • Tips for weight management
  • Defining depression
  • Give your body a pre-baby boost

Fall 2012

Never forget something important again. Use our preventive care and immunization checklists to help keep your family’s health on track.
  • Recommended childhood immunization schedule
  • Recommended childhood preventive screenings
  • Recommended adult preventive screenings
  • Recommended adult immunization schedule
  • Migraines: Stop them before they start
  • What you need to know about dental care as you age
  • Help your children stay cavity-free
  • Is it time for a cholesterol check?
  • Coronary artery disease: Get the facts
  • Back to the basics: Explaining breast cancer
  • Managing COPD: you are in charge
  • Baby-proof your home
  • Classes, programs and support
  • Recipe for health: Blueberry coffee cake