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Enrollment requirements for the 2015 Wellness Plan

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Step 2: Schedule biometric screening

Screenings are closed. Participating in Open Enrollment Nov. 3-23 is the final step to complete enrollment requirements for the 2015 Samaritan Choice Wellness Plan.

SCHEDULER CLOSED. The following instructions no longer apply.

To complete step 2, schedule your biometric screening here and follow these instructions (walk-in opportunities are very limited this year and appointments will be seen first):
  1. Click “I am a new user”. Complete fields and click “Register”. Be sure to provide your email address if you wish to receive a confirmation email with your appointment date, time and location, and a reminder email the day before your screening. Save the user name and password you create in case you need to change your appointment.
  2. Select a time slot for an appointment and location, then follow prompts to confirm appointment time.

If you need to change your appointment:

  1. Log in to the scheduler.
  2. Select the “Appointment” tab, then “Manage Appointment”.
  3. Use “reschedule” to change the time of your appointment at the same site. Use “cancel” to create a new appointment for a different site or date.
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