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Enrollment requirements for the 2015 Wellness Plan

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Screenings are closed. Participating in Open Enrollment Nov. 3-23 is the final step to complete enrollment requirements for the 2015 Samaritan Choice Wellness Plan.

Last day to complete is Sept. 6
To complete step 3, go to the Vivacity website and follow the instructions below. This step is optional for spouses / domestic partners:
  1. Everyone must click on the “New Member Sign Up” button.
  2. On the “Account Setup” page, enter your information in the blank fields. Use the following format for the “Membership ID” field:
    • Employees: SHS-xxxxx-01, where “xxxxx” is your employee ID number.
    • Spouses / domestic partners: SHS-xxxxx-02, where “xxxxx” is the employee’s ID number.
      For example, if the employee ID number is “12345”, then the employee would enter “SHS-12345-01” and the spouse or domestic partner would enter “SHS-12345-02”.
  3. Then click “Look Up.” On the “Account Setup” page, your “Eligibility” fields will be automatically filled. Please verify that your “Date of Birth” is correct.*
  4. Enter your information in the blank fields of the “Sign In” and “Security” sections. You must answer all 3 security questions. Save the email address and password you create. You will use them to sign in to the Vivacity portal.
  5. Then click “I Accept”. The Vivacity system will verify your account and send you an email from to activate your account. Open the email and click the link, or copy and paste the link into your browser.
  6. On the home page, enter your email address and password, and click “Sign In”.
  7. Click on the “Health Assessment” button to begin your personalized assessment, which evaluates your health risks and identifies lifestyle changes that can modify those risks. You will receive a summary that includes your “health age” along with a disease specific risk profile, recommended tests and screenings, and tips for lifestyle changes that could improve your health age. You can print your “health age” page for your records.
    Optional: Vivacity offers a number of wellness tools available when it is convenient for you — 24/7. You can personalize your portal by using the App Manager to add apps such as Weight Tracker, Step Tracker, Medicine Cabinet and many more.
*If there is an error in the “Date of Birth”, employees should verify their information in PeopleSoft and spouses/domestic partners should contact us.
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