E-delivery of benefit updates

E-delivery of your benefit updates

Each year, we are legally required to send you Samaritan Choice Plans' benefit updates. For your convenience, you can choose to have your 2013 Samaritan Choice Plans’ benefit updates (medical, pharmacy, and vision) DELIVERED TO YOU ELECTRONICALLY, instead of mailed to you.

When you choose to participate in this electronic delivery service, you join fellow employees who are taking the initiative to find new ways to reduce the costs we all pay for health care. Additionally, when you choose to go paperless, you receive your 2013 benefit information early!

To receive your Samaritan Choice Plan benefit updates electronically, you will need to sign up for this option. The plan materials outline the changes that are effective January 1, 2013 for the Samaritan Choice Plans Medical & Pharmacy and Vision Benefits. You will need to read these documents carefully and keep them for reference.

Time is limited to sign up for electronic delivery of the 2013 Samaritan Choice Benefit Updates. Sign-up must be completed by Oct. 12, 2012. Click here to view your STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS to sign up for electronic delivery.

When you have successfully completed the final step, you have consented to receive ONLY the following documents via electronic delivery:
  • Cover letter regarding the 2013 benefit changes
  • Samaritan Choice Plans 2013 Member Handbook
  • Samaritan Choice Plans 2013 Summary of Benefits
  • Samaritan Choice Plans 2013 Summary of Benefits and Coverage and Glossary of Terms
  • Any additional plan materials that are required to be submitted during the 2013 plan year.
You can choose to withdraw your consent to receive the above materials via electronic delivery at any time by contacting Samaritan Choice Plans’ Customer Service.

When the 2013 Samaritan Choice Plan materials are available, you will receive email notification from us. You will then be able to view and download the materials from the Doculivery site.

Please note: We will still mail printed copies of your Explanations of Benefits, which are the statements of services your care provider has submitted for payment by Samaritan Choice Plans.

Thank you for considering this convenient, cost-saving option for receiving your member materials for Samaritan Choice Plans!

Last modified: Oct. 8, 2012
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