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    Samaritan Health Plan Operations

    City of Lebanon named 2016 All-Star Employer for Workplace Wellness.
    Watch video from our Community Conversation in Newport.
    Come home to your hometown Medicare plan. Compare our plans.
    We are moving to a new location in March. Find out more.

    Our members. Our neighbors.

    Welcome! Samaritan Health Plans serves the close-knit Oregon communities of the Willamette Valley and Central Oregon Coast. Our passion is providing affordable, world-class health care benefits and service to our friends and neighbors. On the job and off, each of us brings the caring and personal commitment to enhance the health of the region we call home.

    One of the benefits of Samaritan Health Plan membership is being part of a community whose collective behavior can impact health care locally. We believe that when you take charge and become an active participant in improving your health, you help improve the future of everyone that lives near you.