Chaplain Services

Chaplain Services

At Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, we are committed to supporting the holistic well-being of every person. This includes their spiritual and emotional needs as well as their physical and social needs. As a crucial part of that commitment, our chaplains offer spiritual ministry to patients, families, volunteers and staff, regardless of personal spiritual or religious beliefs.

Our chaplains

Chaplains at Good Sam are trained spiritual care providers with experience in general health care and mental health ministry. Chaplains seek to affirm and draw upon each person's spiritual resources to help them cope more effectively with and make meaning of their experiences. Chaplains collaborate with patients' religious leaders, addressing the unique spiritual needs and the diversity of each person's faith.

Our services

Chaplains at Good Sam provide a number of confidential spiritual services to patients, family, volunteers and employees. These include:

  • Offering support and spiritual counsel
  • Supporting the process of grief and loss
  • Assisting with Advance Directives
  • Providing religious rites and rituals
  • Praying for and with patients and family members
  • Collaborating with local faith-based religious leaders
  • Offering consultation, including assistance with personal, ethical, or end-of-life decision-making


The hospital chapel provides a quiet environment for prayer, meditation and spiritual conversation. The chapel is located next to the hospital entrance and is open 24 hours a day. Requests for prayers may be submitted anonymously in the chapel's prayer box.

No One Dies Alone

The No One Dies Alone program is staffed by trained volunteers who provide a comforting presence for patients who have no family or friends to be with them in the hospital during the last few days of their life. The volunteers come from a variety of faith-based and secular backgrounds. Patients in need of end-of-life companionship are referred to the program by hospital staff.

If you are interested in becoming a compassionate companion for the No One Dies Alone program, please contact Chaplain Services at 541-768-5084.

No One Dies Alone was founded at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Springfield. For more information, see the program's website: No One Dies Alone

Advance Directives assistance

Chaplains provide support for patients and their families in completing Advance Directives. An Advance Directive is an end-of-life document that appoints a health care representative to speak for a patient when the patient cannot speak for his- or herself.

The Key Conversations Planning Guide, an easy to use guide to filling out Advance Directives, is available upon request. To receive this guide, or for more information regarding Advance Directives, please speak with your health care provider or contact Chaplain Services at 541-768-5084.

Prayer shawls

Local knitters and crocheters prayerfully create beautiful shawls which are given to patients as sources of warmth and spiritual comfort. Prayer shawls may be requested through a patient's nurse, or by contacting Chaplain Services at 541-768-5084.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Chaplain Services. More information on prayer shawls may be found on the National Prayer Shawl Ministry website.